About Felicia

Template My name is Felicia. I was born in Salzburg, Austria, and then, in 1987, moved to Ecuador to begin a new phase of my life. From early childhood on my innate attraction towards the "Supernatural" has set a series of events in motion, which had quite an impact on my inner personal development. Many things have happened throughout my life in order to shape me into who I am now.

Although I lived in different places in Ecuador, traveled in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Mexico, I have resided most of the time in Vilcabamba, a small village located in the lower Andes of southern Ecuador. Vilcabamba is renowned worldwide as "The Valley of Longevity" and Vilcabamba also has a reputation of being a Place of Power.

Over the past 30 years I have been in contact with shamans from Ecuador and other places of Southamerica. Spending time with shamans from different backgrounds, I was taught a variety of techniques used by them. Previously to working with San Pedro shamans, I was introduced to some of the old shamans who were capable to "see" and increase "vision" without the use of any plant medicines. Throughout the years, I expressed some of my visions through art, shown on the pictures page.

In 1993 I started learning about the use of the sacred plant "Aguacolla" - "Huachuma", more commonly known as San Pedro cactus. Although I have worked with traditional shamans from Ecuador and Peru, most of my knowledge comes directly from the spirit of the plant.

Around 2002, I was ready to share openly what I have learned about Sacred Plant Medicine with others. Since then I have been holding Sacred Medicine Journeys, where I have guided through many women and men, all coming from different social, cultural, professional and religious background.

I live in the valley of Vilcabamba on a small farm, together with my dogs, cats, horses and a Scarlet Macaw called "Pepe". My place is located about 2 km outside of the town of Vilcabamba. Due to it's magic qualities, I was inspired to name it "Los Encantos" which translates to "The Charms".

Welcome to Los Encantos

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