Sacred Medicine Journey

San Pedro Ceremony with female shaman Felicia in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

TemplateThe Earth is a live being, with her own consciousness. She is part of us, as we are part of her. She is the Mother of all living creatures that exist... Humans, plants and animals. In spirit we are all one. Out of her womb we are born and into her womb we return when we die. For centuries the human race has distanced itself from its true nature and therefore lost contact with Mother Earth herself. This has created more and more war and diseases and has led to the destruction of our natural environment and our selves. In order to heal our planet, first we humans need to heal ourselves individually.

Partaking in one of Felicia's San Pedro Ceremonies offers an unique oportunity to activate the self-healing process inside each of us. Her rituals take place in Vilcabamba, a small village located in Southern Ecuador, also known as the Sacred Valley. San Pedro is a cactus that grows naturally in Vilcabamba and it's surrounding areas.

As the night represents our subconscious and the flowers of the San Pedro cactus open and bloom during night time, Felicia's ceremony is held at nighttime. With the help of the sacred San Pedro spirit Felicia intends to bring our subconscious to the surface and have it open in front of us like a flower.
Or in other words: The ceremony helps to increase our awareness - it brings light into our own darkness and opens up the sacred space inside each of us. It is the beginning of the journey... back home.

In order to complete and take full advantage of the ceremony you have to dispose of at least 2 days. You may feel some discomfort, but the benefits are worthwhile. Remember that this is not recreational.

How to get here: Ecuador has 2 international airports, and you have to book your flight to either Quito or Guayaquil. Once you are in Ecuador you can travel by bus to Loja, which is the nearby city closest to Vilcabamba. From Loja it is 1 hour by bus or taxi to get to Vilcabamba. Ecuador's airline for national flights is called "Tame" and they operate daily flights to Loja airport. Flight time is about 1 hour.