Sacred Medicine Journey

TemplateThe Earth is a live being, with her own consciousness. She is part of us, as we are part of her. She is the Mother of all the living creatures that exist...humans, plants and spirit we are all one. Out of her womb we are born and into her womb we return when we die... 
For centuries the human race has distanced itself from its true nature and therefore lost contact with Mother Earth herself.  This has created more and more war and diseases and has led to the destruction of our natural environment and our selves.  In order to heal our Planet Earth, first we humans need to heal Ourselves individually.  The Earth Mother Ceremony is an opportunity to activate the Self Healing Process inside each of us.

More than simply a learning experience it is about remembering where we originally come from...It is the beginning of the journey...back home...

Earth Mother Ceremony

The “ EARTH MOTHER CEREMONY “ is a SACRED MEDICINE JOURNEY conducting us into our own subconscious. Since the subconscious is represented by darkness the ceremonies take place mostly at night. With the help of sacred plant power we intend to bring our subconscious to the surface and have it open in front of us like a flower. It offers us the opportunity to re-access different aspects of ourselves, that may be hidden from our conscious mind.

Or in other words….. The “SACRED MEDICINE JOURNEY “ helps to increase our awareness… brings some light into our own darkness……and opens up the sacred space inside each of us.

In order to take full advantage of the Ceremony you should dispose of at least 2 days. You may feel some discomfort, but the benefits are worthwhile.   Remember that this is not recreational.

Darkness and Light

...We only see the appearance of things...this is why nothing is what it appears to be...gems develop in and are born out of the darkest depth of the earth...and the same way it is for us...we have to go through the different aspects of order to get to the light...

...if we encounter ourselves in complete darkness...the only thing that will allow us to move ahead...will be our animal instinct...that is why animals are so important to us...they can become our teachers...and turn into our allies and guides...

...the old shamans say that it is more important what we see with our eyes closed...than with our eyes opened...

...nature is an open book...written in the old language of the Gods and Goddesses...we are part of nature, every time we approach and get closer to our true inner being...we also get closer to nature herself.

Comment from Lesley Myburgh

I met Felicia in 1996 on a journey to Vilcabamba. I will never forget that first meeting! For the last two decades I have worked with many world known shaman, amongst them, Credo Mutwa, the spiritual leader of the Zulu tribe from South Africa, Freddie Quispe (“Puma”), Ruben Orrelano, Kucho,….all from Peru, Jerry Wills, Wolf, and many others from the States, Mexico, Japan, Australia and other parts of the world.

I consider Felicia to be the most knowledgeable and most powerful shaman that I have ever had the opportunity of knowing.

It is because of her knowledge and teachings that I have been able to become a well known authority on the healing of this plant.(I am in most of the guide books of Peru)

Who decides who is a shaman or not? Does one have to be approved of by another shaman or some municipal office? No, the answer comes from the heart of the people who drink this plant. In the end, it is not because you are a native of the area, or because you have some piece of paper from some authority. It’s all in the intention of the person preparing the medicine. Many of my teachers have said to me, “Now you are a shaman”. For me, I laugh at that, because for me, the true shaman is the plant, and we are all just servants or messengers for Mother Earth. Every one of us are born with the gift of healing ourselves and others. Its up to us to use this precious gift. Felicia USES this gift on a daily basis. She prepares the medicine with the pure intention of healing herself and others. So, if Felicia and I don’t wear Chullos or Ponchos for our ceremony, that’s not to say we are not healers. YOU are a healer, I am, and Felicia is truly the most powerful healer/shaman/teacher that I know.

I thank her for her unending wisdom, healing and teachings she gives me and others so freely. If you have the opportunity to drink this sacred plant with this sacred woman, you are the luckiest of the lucky.

I am eternally grateful to her.

In Love

Lesley Myburgh
Cusco, Peru

Comment from Anonymous

I began with ceremonies and energy work in the 80’s, first attending the sweat lodge ceremonies of Amos, a Lakota Sioux in Red Wing Minnesota, and Pipe ceremonies of Judy Ciclain. I learned various forms of energy healing, and from my studies of herbal medicine I learned of the sacred plants and the healing on shamanic ceremonies of different people. I went to Peru and drank the sacred tea, Ayahuasca, with Guillermo Arrevalo, a shipipo curandero, and Norma Pandura, shamana in Iquitos. I also went twice to Brazil, for special ceremonies with Luis Eduardo Luna. From these and others I have witnessed the ceremony ( different forms of ) and journeyed to other realms to learn how we can help heal the consciousness of people separated from Gaia

In November 2005 I met the shamana Felicia in Vilcabamba, and returned after 1 month there , specifically to take part in her sacred medicine ceremony. I felt really blessed to be in the ceremony with such a compassionate and powerful shamana. She lights the fire, drums her rhythm, sings her sacred songs, prays with wise woman’s words and and understanding heart.She was great at guiding the way for us, and being there in whatever way we needed. She is a very special being, a fine shaman, and I recommend her medicine.


Comment from Blair

I've known a few shamans in my life, Maria Sabina in Huatla, Doña Julietta in San Mateo, Eloxochitlan, and the Huichol shaman Brant Secunda.  In my opinion Felicia is one in a line of the powerful shamans.